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One Goal

Let users moved


Two Concepts

Take away the troubles of users and leave our care


Three Requirements

All-weather - 24-hour hotline consultation, 24-hour repair report urgent, 48-hour repair in place, 365 days of uninterrupted service.

All-round - provide comprehensive pre-sale consultation, inspection, to the design, installation, commissioning of the product, and after-sales inspection, maintenance and maintenance services.

Full professional - expert service team, professional service tools, 100% professional service to ensure the quality of service.


Four points that do not leak

Record users' information without fail and set up computer files.

A record of problems reflected by users and feedback to relevant departments.

To solve the problems of users without delay and to satisfy users' satisfaction.

An unretractable review of users' problems does not follow regularly.


Five categories of free

Free design - free door-to-door, according to the characteristics of the building and user needs to design;

Free delivery - after the user ordered the product, he delivered the door free of charge according to the time specified by the user.

Free installation - free installation for professionals and teach users how to use them.

Free consultation - 400 free service hotline 24 hours to provide users with advisory services.

Free service - warranty period is part of product quality and installation services, free service.

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